Apr 26, 2015



Erin was a joy to photograph. She’s a very funny young lady and kept me laughing with all the funny faces she kept making during our shoot. I’ve got a ton of bloopers that are clogging up my hard drive but I just can’t delete them! Keep an eye out for her this summer playing her guitar on the boardwalk. She’d be really happy if you stopped and listened for a while.

Apr 26, 2015



All I can say is, Polly photographed beautifully. We had a great time on Plum Island (while her dad wandered aimlessly) Juuust kidding ;0)). We got so many great shots it was really hard to choose the finals, but these two photos and those smiles say it all. Thanks for making my job so easy Polly!

Oct 23, 2014



Jenna was an absolute hoot to work with! She’s an actor at heart with a great sense of humor that was always on. I was shooting so fast to keep up with her endless expressions that the circuit breaker on my power pack popped. And it was a good thing it popped, because I needed a rest! Then it was back to a whirlwind of shooting until we headed to Plum Island where we shot until sunset. Here shoot was one of the most exhausting shoots I’ve had all year, but boy did we have fun. Her mom Susan warned me about Jenna’s energy. Guess I should have paid attention. All kidding aside, we got some really great photos and we’re very happy with the final results.

Oct 16, 2014




Working with Meghan was a real pleasure and a lot of fun. Shooting in the studio didn’t appeal to her so we went right to Plum Island where the light and weather were great. The shoot went really well and we got some great shots. When I found out she played Field Hockey, she agreed to wear her uniform for another shoot in the studio, I photographed the NHS stadium seats and put this sports comp together. She really liked the results and I’m very happy with a new comp for the portfolio. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you. And if you are so inclined, click the Like button and share on Facebook.

Sep 19, 2014


Peter was my first senior portrait for the Newburyport High class of 2015. He was a real pleasure to work with and we got exactly what his mother Blakelee was looking for. Whew! I don’t know what face she was making while standing behind me, but whatever it was got this great smile out of Peter. This is what happens in a great portrait session. Thank you Peter and Blakelee!

Sweethaven Seniors is really proud to present our group of 2014 Seniors. We had a great time photographing everyone and now we have some great memories and stories to tell. If you know any of them, hit the Facebook like button and leave them a great big congratulations in the comments section.

It was a real pleasure working with all of you and I wish you the best as you take your first second big leap into life.

Good luck and best wishes.

Greg Nikas • Photographer


Molly Stanton – Newburyport High


Molly Stanton


Dillon Guthro – Newburyport High




Lizzy Keery – Newburyport High




Adriel Serrano – Newburyport High




Jenni Nelson – Newburyport High




Andrew Sheerin – Triton High




Anna Gavel – Triton High




Travis O’Brien – Newburyport High




McGee Hines – Newburyport High




Christian Cyr – Newburyport High




Mary Pettigrew – Newburyport High




Drew Bourdeau – Newburyport High



Jul 02, 2013


Everything about Molly’s shoot was a pleasure. From the spectacular job our makeup and hair artist Kari Powell did, to all the great looks Molly gave us. Just look at the comp above and you can tell how much fun we were having! There were so many keepers it was hard to decide on that one great shot, but Molly and her mom Michele did a great job during the editing and we got it. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

Dec 08, 2012


The sun sets pretty early this time of year, so when Deven and his mom Claudia got to the studio, we rushed outside to catch the last few minutes of it dissapearing behind the buildings. I assigned “reflector duty” to Claudia and began shooting. The pace was fast and furious but we were able to get in several situations before going back to the studio for the head shots. It was an awful lot of fun working with them because they got along so great. We laughed a lot and got some wonderful images that we are very happy with. If you think so too, click the like icon and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Oct 30, 2012


I always ask my clients what kind of music they want to listen to during their shoot. Andreas said whatever. I searched iTunes, and found the Chicago Greek station. Since we are both Greek, he thought that was great. So for the next hour, we listened Greek music and had a great shoot. And as you can see, our good mood continued through our location shoot. If you like his photos as much as we do, head on over to Famous Pizza (his family owns the place) after school and tell him yourself. And buy a slice of pizza while you’re there.

Oct 17, 2012


We had a really great time photographing Mary, she was so sweet to work with. Just look at those smiles! Her mom Wendy came in with her and helped with her hair and held the reflector when we went outside. I was so amazed watching the two of them work together so we could get the best photos possible. Thank you Mary and Wendy for a great shoot.

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