Oct 13, 2012


Evan was great to photograph. He knew exactly what he wanted for his senior portrait. But I had to try everything else under the sun and shoot way more than I had to. Of course, the one he chose was pretty much at the beginning of the shoot! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment and clicking the Like button.

Sep 28, 2012


And the beat goes on! I know, that dates me. But this isn’t about me, it’s about Erika. Another great senior we had the pleasure of working with recently. She was funny and really into helping to get a great photo. If you are as happy as we are, click Like below and share it with your friends.

Sep 27, 2012


What can I say, Paige is just cute as a pin. She’ll probably think that is a bit corny, but that’s what this photographer thinks. She kept us laughing with all the funny faces she made all during the shoot. We also photographed her friends Courtney Ventura and Erika Rikeman that day, who were equally as funny and fun to shoot with. Let us know what you think, click the Like button below and share with your friends on Facebook.


Sep 26, 2012


We had an awesome time with Courtney. When she pulled out those earrings we instantly knew they were the perfect accessory for the shot. If you like her photos, let her and us know.

Sep 12, 2012


Robert just couldn’t stop smiling. I shot over 500 images of him and I think he was smiling in at least 400 of  them. What else is a happy kid supposed to do! It was a real pleasure working with Robert and he made my job a piece of cake.

Sep 10, 2012

Jillian Ouelette

Jillian was our first senior photo shoot this year and we had a great time with her at Sweethaven Seniors. And as you can tell by her beautiful smile, she did too. Frame after frame she delivered, which made editing her shoot really difficult. But as you can see by her photos, it was a great shoot.



This is our first post on our new blog! After several weeks of working on our new web site and blog, we can hardly believe they are finally live. As we said above, our site and blog are dedicated to high school senior portraits and our goal is to provide the very best possible senior portraits in the greater Newburyport area. If you are looking for a portrait photographer or know someone who is, we hope that you like what you see, and would consider Sweethaven Seniors. We love the energy you bring to the shoots, love what we do, and we’re really good at it.

 Our studio, Sweethaven Portrait Studio & Gallery is located at 25L Inn Street, Newburyport, by the fountain and down the stairs. If you see our A frame and Open flag at the top of the stairs, please stop in. Or you can call us at 978-465-7656, or email us at greg@sweethavenseniors.com.